Strong International Partnerships

  • Austria Praemix is committed to working closely with its partners – developing professional relationships that draw on the strengths of each other.
  • We aim to work with farmers organisations, associations and agricultural institutions throughout Europe and worldwide.

Animal Nutrition


Founded in 1938, Schaumann is a German company, which is specialized in the production and development of nutrition supplements and diet balancing products, for cattle, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep and horses.


Denkavit is the specialist in young animal nutrition, a leading company for the farmers and feed industry. Their activities are supported by modern and fully equiped labratory for monitoring, research and development.

Reisenberger Gmbh

Reisenberger Gmbh is an international trading company that occupies a leading position in Austria as a partner and supplier of feed additives for the compound feed and veterinaries.

Animal Housing

Schauer Agrotronich

Since 1949 Schauer has been a worldwide pioneer in species-appropriate animal husbandry. They have long experience in advanced feeding technology and offer innovative solutions and animal-friendly housing systems.


With more than 135 years of history DeLaval continues to work on the farmers’ behalf, to make a difference, by finding new ways and solutions to progress in milk production.

Big Dutchman

Big Dutchman has planned modern feeding systems and housing equipment for pig and poultry production already since 1938. They offer practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions all geared to future needs.

Cleaning Supplies


Calvatis is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants. The brand has been on the market since 1929 and has been developed over many years of experience.

Animal Breeding

PIG Austria

PIG Austria is an Austrian company founded shortly after a historic decision in 2019, in which farmers have joined forces to jointly market their livestock products.


Top quality, customer service and partnership – that’s what the name Schropper has stood for over 85 years. With many years of experience, the company is today the largest breeder in Austria.

Genetic Austria

Genetic Austria provides farmers worldwide with the basis for a sustainable and secure future: Bovine semen, embryos, and breeding cattle with top Austrian genetics.

Housing Equipment


Within more than 35 years of doing business, Kerbl GmbH has succeeded in establishing itself in its branch as the most important partner of agriculture.


From its foundation in 1982, in Steinbach/Steyr in Upper Austria, Rosensteiner is one of the leading companies in the field of hoof trimming crushes and versatile transport equipment.


Established 40 years ago, Gruber is an Austrian company which is a leader in the Grain Systems. An expert for storage, conveying and processing of grain.


Smartbow GmbH has developed, produced and distributed successfully an Eartag for heat detection, rumination and health monitoring as well as cow localization in real-time for several years.


Since its foundation in 1930, BAUER has been focused on irrigation and slurry management technology. Today BAUER is the global market leader in irrigation technology, exporting to about 100 countries.

DM Folien

DM Folien is a specialized wholesaler in the fields of agriculture, industry and packaging trade. Established in 1983, the company is today one of the top suppliers in Germany.


VÖLKER has been successfully established in the egg industry since 1986. They develop high-quality machines and systems relating to the sorting and packaging of eggs.


Westermann, a leader in the sweeping technology products, is a German company founded in 1989. Their cleaning machines outshine other sweeping products in terms of performance, robustness and handling.



Voran offers profitable overall solutions for the fruit processing industry. Thanks to decades of experience in customer orientation and market analysis, Voran has become a leader in commercial fruit processing.


BANSS has more than 140 years of experience in slaughtering technology. It supplies modern slaughtering and meat processing systems, storage and cooling room conveyance systems for cattle, pig and sheep.

Nutrition Diagnostics

ISF Schaumann Forschung

ISF Schaumann Research was established in 1984. The company focused its research activities on the fields of nutrition physiology and animal nutrition. From the start, its aim has been to improve animal health, fertility and performance.

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The benefits of working with us

Success in the stable – from practice for practice

The success in the stable comes when innovative products meet excellent practical knowledge. For a competent operational management, the constant review of classic parameters in the operating process is just as important as a good sense for trends and developments in the animal husbandry.

Competent and experienced consultation for individual farms

Every single one of the consultants and partners of Austria Praemix is an expert in nutrition, husbandry, hygiene and production technology and has a great deal of practical experience. We have a dense network of consultants to ensure that someone can always be available at your premises quickly and personally.

Sustainability and animal welfare

Alongside the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability, the central focus for Austria Praemix is the welfare of the animal. In this respect, the health of the animals plays a key role. Many of the active ingredients provided by Austria Praemix have a positive influence on animal health.

Two decades of expertise

We have a long experience in agriculture and animal husbandry, in Albania and Kosovo. We both initiate and participate in valuable collaborative partnerships. Combining the best international expertise with a local delivery of consultancy services, allowing us to put our client’s objectives first and achieve uniquely successful outcomes.